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National Fire Prevention Association's Fire Prevention Week

What is Fire Prevention Week?

October 4th to 10th marks the NFPA's Fire Prevention Week, The NFPA works to educate everyone about the simple but effective actions you can take to keep yourselves, and those loved ones around you in the kitchen, and at home. Members of the Carnes Creek Fire Department are committed to educating the citizens of Stephens County about fire safety. Starting tomorrow Carnes Creek will be providing you with resources to reduce your risk this holiday season, from the kitchen to the college campus so stay tuned!

Did you know?

Cooking is the #1 cause of home fires and home fire injuries. Unattended cooking is the leading cause of fires in the kitchen which why this year's Fire Prevention week is focused is on staying safe in the kitchen!

History of FPW.

In 1925, President Calvin Coolidge proclaimed Fire Prevention Week a national observance, making it the longest-running public health observance in our country. During Fire Prevention Week, children, adults, and teachers learn how to stay safe in case of a fire. Firefighters provide lifesaving public education to drastically decrease casualties caused by fires.

Fire Prevention Week is observed each year during the week of October 9th in commemoration of the Great Chicago Fire, which began on October 8, 1871, and caused widespread damage and killed more than 250 people.

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